1. To maintain clean upholstered furniture and with a good appearance, use a mild soap solution and remove it completely using white cotton cloth dampened in water. All light colors require more frequent cleaning. 2. Do not clean with solvents as alcohol, acetone, paint thinner, bleach, oils, vinegar, waxes, silicones, armor all, stove (continental soda) or detergents cleaners, as these cause permanent damage in the material. 3. Do not mark the furniture with ink pen, ink could absorbed into the product causing a permanent stain. 4. For spills such as beer, wine, juices, soft drinks, liquor, coffee, tea or chocolate simply clean the stain with a solution of mild liquid shampoo type cleaner water, dilute according to the instruction for use. Rinse with a cloth soaked in water to remove completely the excess. Dry the surface with a dry white cotton cloth. 5. Clean the spill as soon as possible especially if the liquid has a strong color. 6. Stains sauces, should be cleaned immediately to prevent staining. 7. Prevent explosion to suntan oils, fats or oils in case this happens clean as soon as possible with liquid soap, try shampoo. 8. Our products are protected to not transfer color to other materials, however some accessories with poor color fixation could transfer to our materials, if this happens, immediately wipe the stain with shampoo and a white cotton cloth. 9. You can also use a solution half water and half disinfectant. Preferably free of chlorine. Then rinse with water and dry. 10. Use a solution using 0.5% hypochlorite of sodium in water, rinse with water and dry.
SILVER JEWELRY 1. Silver is a precious metal and is characterized by the fact that it changes color, being a living element with a soul, it tends to oxidize over time, it is recommended to clean it with a special metal polish. 2. Be careful not to spray it with perfume, as it can stain or discolor it.

1. Keep in a clean and cool place.
2. If exposed to high temperatures and the sun, they can melt.
3. The expiration of the powder can last up to 18 months.
3. The expiration of the chocolates can last up to 12 months.